1. Sliding-Puzzle with Scala.js

    JavaFX Version

    This sliding-puzzle started being an experiment to learn the basics of JavaFX. So the first version was desktop-only:


    But at the same time I already had heard of Scala.js, so I took care to make the code modular, separating game-logic from the UI as much as possible.

    JavaScript UI

    During the last DevFest I tried to implement the Scala.js frontend in the course of one afternoon. I made some progress, but was not nearly finished.

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  2. Cooperative word-guessing in Scala

    In our last Scala coding-dojo, we had some fun with word-guessing (think “hangman“, but without hanging anybody ;-).

    The initial problem was like this: I brought game server (running on my laptop) and the task was to implement an interactive console-based client. A simple overview of the client logic can be illustrated like this:


    Actually it was an Akka-based word-guessing server, for which I provided the bare-bones client project, which already came with the Akka-messages, the setup, and the message processing loop.

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