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  1. Can Contracts replace Unit-Tests?


    What are “contracts”? Contracts are the key element in the design-by-contract technique, natively supported by the Eiffel programming language.

    They allow operate at many levels:

    1. methods: as pre- and post-conditions
    2. classes: as class invariants
    3. loops: as loop variants/invariants

    In this article we shall only consider method pre- and post-conditions. That means, before method execution the pre-condition is checked and after the method is finished (upon completion) the post-condition is checked.

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  2. Code Retreat 2013

    Yesterday I attended the global code-retreat 2013 in Vienna, hosted and sponsored by the Frequentis AG, organized by Michael Leber and facilitated by Peter Kofler (aka: the Code Cop).

    The goal of a code-retreat is to have an relaxed environment in which to practice. The focus is not to finish the given problem, but to slow down and try to explore and come up with good solutions. It is done in pairs, and adhering to test-driven-development.

    Developers get together and work on the same problem (typically the “game of life“) the whole day. The day is divided in “sessions”, each one having an unique “constraint” (for example: “don’t talk to your partner, all communication has to be through code”). At the end of each session, the code is deleted (this enormously takes away the focus on finishing) and we stand up to talk and exchange impressions.

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